Rides Team,

We are in the process of updating many operational procedures and protocols. The programs we are testing at this location will be reviewed and possibly implimented at other locations.

Currently, we are testing the Duty Tracking system to provide valuable information to the corporate office and insurance carrier for use in incident investigation. This program is mandatory and will be implemented in it's current form or another suitable process at a later date. We have made this system as user-friendly as possible and there is no valid reason not to use it on a regular basis.

Another new program we are testing is a daily pre-operational inspection to be performed by a team member on every ride - prior to operation. This program will also be mandatory and will be introduced gradually as the process is improved. 

The daily inspection forms are to be completed and returned directly to the ride operations office. Never submit these forms to anyone else or leave the forms in any other location.

If you have any questions concerning the Duty Tracker or the inspection process, contact me directly via text, whatapp or in-person. 


(804) 655 9675



It is critical that all ride operations team members log all duty transfers live. Every day, every duty change.

When you start your shift, log on to the ride you are assigned.

When you leave your ride or go on break, log "OFF DUTY"

When you return to a ride, log back to that duty position.

Every time you come or go from a duty position, it must be entered.

You may access the Master Duty Tracker Form below. This form lists all employees and duty positions but requires more time to enter data.

For faster entries, you may have a personal entry form created which requires less scrolling and entry time. Contact Dwayne for a link to your personal form.

Save these links to your home screen for faster access.